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The use of remote sensing technologies to monitor land, marine (seas, rivers, lakes) and atmosphere.
UPSTREAM EO includes manufacturing and operations of satellites as well as their launch while DOWNSTREAM EO concerns the conversion of data into value-added products.

Payload is a term used in a satellite mission to describe the equipment which ‘pays’ for the mission. The communication transponder is the payload for a communication satellite while an earth observation camera is the payload for a remote sensing satellite.

Responsible Research and Innovation is an attempt to systematise and promote the inclusion of social, environmental and ethical issues and procedures into the whole research and innovation chain. The aim is to minimise the potential risk that emerges from R&I, anticipate the consequences of R&I and to boost potentially positive impacts.

The satellite revisit time is the time elapsed between observations of the same point on earth by a satellite. It depends on the satellite’s orbit, target location, and swath of the sensor.