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MESEO is a collaborative research project, designed to contribute to developing and deploying global, space-based services, applications and data and to foster competitiveness of the European space sector.

Running from 01 December 2023 until 30 November 2026, MESEO aims to design, prototype and demonstrate an open, flexible and scalable multi-mission, End-to-End Earth Observation system for massive satellite data processing.

MESEO will build a collaborative digital ecosystem, centred on a Coordinator Centre with distributed processing functions, which can improve performance of different steps of the data processing chain.

Want to find out more? Whether you are an expert, an interested observer or a newcomer, click on our SUMMARY page, where you will find details to help you understand the project in details.

If you are new to all this, please see our GLOSSARY to find out what all the terminology means.

During the project, outputs will also be available on our MATERIALS AND OUTPUTS page and we will provide you with details on NEWS AND EVENTS (nothing there yet! We are just getting started!)

You can see who makes up the MESEO team on our CONSORTIUM page.

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