Established in 1984, GMV is a private capital technology business group with an international presence in 12 countries and more than 3000 professionals. Its areas of activity include: Aeronautics, Automotive, Cybersecurity, Defense and Security, Space, Finance, Industry, Healthcare, Digital Public Services, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

GMV provides space agencies, satellite operators, and clients in the space sector from around the world the best high-tech solutions. It designs ground and flight systems for a wide variety of space missions that provide positioning, navigation, communication, security, science, exploration, and weather information.

GMV has developed systems for 80 Earth observation (EO) satellites on missions for the ESA, EUMETSAT, Copernicus, CNES, DLR, NASA, and Hisdesat. GMV developed satellite control centres for all Sentinels and simulators for the Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-5P satellites.

GMV EO data processing and analysis leverage upon advanced analysis techniques, such as machine and deep learning, data fusion, cloud computing, and broad statistical analysis. GMV geo-spatial products and services are being applied in agriculture, forestry, water and climate related applications in support of Green Deal objectives.

GMV is member of the IDSA having access to open building blocks to prototype Space data sovereignty. GMV is also a Copernicus Relay actively involved in EO communication and dissemination related activities.

In the medium/long term GMV will be able to boost the prototyped innovations in order to capture the increasing demand for near-real-time and/or complex EO based services/products while pulling from all the EO added value chain within a collaborative business ecosystem.