SATLANTIS is a Spanish SME company that provides Earth Observation solutions based on the proprietary High and Very High-Resolution optical payloads that the company develops. By designing all the payloads’ elements in house (i.e., optics, mechanics, electronics, software, image processing), the company is able to customize and tailor each camera to different applications. This means that the company is constantly performing R&I, to optimize and adapt its payloads to specific mission and user requirements.

Within the MESEO project, SATLANTIS is going to focus on its Electronics Control System (ECS), both HW and SW, in charge of managing the camera functions and operations, and handling the data generated by the imager, specifically to store, process, encrypt and send the data out for download.

SATLANTIS proprietary iSIM technology: a family of optical payloads with HR and VHR (1.65m to 0.5m) resolutions. iSIM payloads operate in VNIR and SWIR spectra, with filters modelled after Copernicus satellites, for full compatibility with Sentinels’ data for data products generation.

The company has a strategic roadmap linked to methane emissions detection, through direct contacts and partnerships, e.g., ENAGAS and WILLIAMS, to develop end-to-end solution services, designed to fulfil user’s segment needs. This initiative will be implemented in GEISAT Precursor (successfully launched in June2023) and GEISAT Constellation (2024-2025) missions. GEISAT Precursor has been selected as a Copernicus Contributing Mission (CCM).