Sovity was founded in 2021 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer ISST, with roots tracing back to the foundation of the International Data Spaces Association in 2016 when 16 different companies formed the association to build a standard for sovereign data exchange and Data Spaces. Sovity’s co-founders were a part of forming this standard and continue to lead at the forefront of shaping Connector Technology and Data Spaces.

Sovity’s vision is to empower seamless and safe connection, collaboration, and access to data, enabling the potential to innovate. The mission is to provide the foundation for sovereign data sharing and data-driven business models connecting companies in Data Spaces with scalable technology.

Sovity has a proven market record of shaping entire Data Spaces, powering collaboration, enabling use cases, and providing easy-to-use Data Space technologies which allow every company regardless of size or industry to take part without requiring extensive technical know-how.

Within the project, SOVITY will build and showcase use cases which demonstrate its technology on Data Sovereignty for the Space market uptake.