Founded in 2016, Ubotica is a European owned and controlled company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and combines an AI team in Ireland, Computer Vision (CV) teams in Spain and Canada, and a Space Systems team in the Netherlands. It specialises in combining AI with CV in order to deliver end-to-end EdgeAI breakthrough applications in Space. Ubotica also develops custom Neural Networks to solve EO challenges on-board – helping to realise actionable insights in and from Space by transforming the capabilities of spacecraft through AI.

Ubotica’s solutions are delivered by technology innovators with deep insight into efficient low-power processing hardware, Computer Vision software and AI system integration, who together enabled Ubotica to become the first company to successfully deploy AI processing directly on an EO CubeSat.

UBOTICA has extensive hardware and software design and development experience within the team, and critically, the commercialization of hardware and software platforms of which APIs are an essential component. Its understanding of high-level interfaces (APIs) for hardware and software platforms (such as CogniSat) is built on proven experience designing and developing these to the required professional and commercial standards throughout our careers.

UBOTICA has an extensive network of key partners in the space sector and continue to advance partnership with leading Space integrators and key go to market actors. Formal agreements are in place with many of these partners.