Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

Resolvo, as the lead partner for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation (CDE) in the MESEO (Multi-mission efficient and secure high-capacity end-to-end Earth Observation) project, has prepared the Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan for MESEO which represents the project’s deliverable D9.1. Within Horizon Europe projects, the measures to maximize impact are defined and structured in three axes: communication and public outreach (reaching society), dissemination (reaching society and the market) and exploitation (reaching the market).

This deliverable aims at increasing public awareness in connection to the work performed within MESEO and disseminating project findings, outputs and results. CDE activities represent one of the horizontal activities and are carried out during the whole project implementation within work packages 9/10/11 and are managed and lead by project partner Resolvo, with contributions from all project partners.

The CDE Plan lays out tasks distributed among project partners to maximise outreach, impact and uptake and is divided into 2 main parts. The Communication and Dissemination Plan defines the strategy with the public and the stakeholder groups the consortium will reach by introducing the objectives, target audience, tools, activities and methods. The communication aim is to inform and reach out to society and show the activities performed in MESEO, and explain the value of project results, its use by the stakeholders and its benefits for citizens, while the dissemination aim consists of disclosure of the results by appropriate means that allows to reach the society and the market.

The Exploitation Plan defines the strategy with appropriate mechanisms to encourage exploitation of project results at both market and research level. This plan contains details on how MESEO will lay the foundation for market entry of its innovations by a market and technological impact analysis with the aim to develop the final business plan while considering knowledge management, protection and intellectual property rights.

This deliverable is classified as a public deliverable and will be published here once it is approved by the EC.